Wasteland decontamination

With a view to making the best possible use of the territory, IGRETEC, in partnership with its communes, has drawn up a priority programme for the decontamination and redevelopment of industrial wasteland still to be found in the region, with a view to bringing decontaminated land often intended for new uses back into the circuit.

Wasteland decontaminationFor instance, the former Hainaut-Sambre iron and steel site has made way for the Charleroi-Châtelet multimodal platform; the Bois du Cazier wood has found a new purpose in its role as a museum and leisure centre; the old Roton coal mine has been converted into a micro business park. In partnership with other design firms, IGRETEC drew up a revalorisation plan for the old Sambre industrial valley for the period 2010-2015.

This plan includes the huge development project for the region’s Eastern gateway, more widely known as Ecopole. On the banks of the Sambre, the communes of Farciennes and Aiseau-Presles will be home to a sustainable development cluster based on clean technologies, recycling, sub-product upgrading, decontamination, renewable energy and eco products. All companies embracing the sustainable development philosophy in their processes will find a specific welcome here.

All these realities and projects illustrate a long-term approach and a systematic wish to re-create activity, when and where this is possible, while maintaining a cross-disciplinary vision of the region’s development.


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