Urban and spatial planning studies

The IGRETEC office of urban and spatial planning studies assists local authorities and developers to carry out their projects. We devise urban and spatial planning projects in accordance with the new regulatory provisions to be brought in by the new CoDT (territorial development code).

We pay particular attention to any changes in the legislation and monitor the regulations so as to provide effective assistance for our clients with their procedures.

Urban and spatial planning studies


For both clients and partners alike, working with a single point of contact capable of providing a total service is an undeniable and comfortable advantage.

For instance, as regards the rehabilitation of wasteland, landfill sites and other polluted ground, IGRETEC is able to take charge of the reallocation/redevelopment phases, from urban planning design (What response is made to the needs of the community? Which scenarios are technically realistic and economically viable?) to implementation (drawing up the specifications, issuing calls for tenders for the work, supervision and follow-up of implementation).

In terms of operational planning, IGRETEC supplies the entire services chain for the redevelopment of a site or the renovation of a district: from the initial sketches to final completion of the work.

IGRETEC has been Walloon Region approved for over 15 years as an urban and spatial planning project author.

By closing following all the developments in the regulatory framework governing the environment and urban planning, IGRETEC will remain a key adviser for all project leaders in Wallonia.


Tel : 071/20.28.51
@ : Departement-Env@igretec.com