Public Aid Advisers

The Economic Activities Service provides personalised guidance and support services for SMEs to assist with their development projects and in particular to help them seek various forms of public aid and incentives depending on the company’s project and profile.

The IGRETEC special advisers can help you in the following areas:

  • Analysing and optimising the financial aid and incentives you could benefit from.
  • Preparing dossiers to apply for aid:
    • for investment;
    • for employment;
    • for innovation, research and development;
    • for tax;
    • to promote exports;
    • to promote energy saving and environmental protection measures;
    • Carolidaire.
  • Submitting dossiers and following up the granting of the aid requested.
  • Searching for venture capital (Sambrinvest, start-up capital fund, SRIW, WABAN).
  • Actually establishing the project: choice of site (hosting infrastructures).

Public Aid Advisers

IGRETEC provides the actions aimed at ensuring the success of the company project by gathering together the specific skills required (location/installation, investment, financing, employment, innovation, marketing, exports, ICT, etc.).

SMEs are encouraged to integrate all the economic and technological tools essential for their development, their management, their commercial relations and their corporate strategy.

To achieve this, IGRETEC develops information and awareness sessions, provides support for businesses and above all, sets up practical applications with them.


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