6 reasons

Six good reasons to invest in our region !

A unique communication network

Crossed by two of Europe’s main motorways, the region boasts a flourishing airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Belgium’s second largest airport with over seven million passengers a year and more than 190 destinations, a multimodal platform enabling combined goods transport (water, rail, road) and a dense rail network.

Infrastructures adapted to your needs

IGRETEC runs 21 business parks in Charleroi Metropolis. It now offers over 200 additional hectares of land and 68,000 m2 of office space, workshops, relay halls, incubators and laboratories fully equipped for the development of economic activities.

An ideal setting

Charleroi Metropolis offers a setting that is conducive to investments, with a highly skilled labour force and unique tools.

Many SMEs and multinationals operate in a variety of sectors: aeronautics, space, agri-foodstuffs, the environment, the technological industry, health, information and communication technologies, transport and logistics, etc.

The region also boasts high-performance training and skills centres such as: Cepegra (graphics industry), Wan (aeronautics) and a new technology campus that provides an industrial training structure bringing together all the operators from all the education and training networks and every level of qualification. Two new structures will shortly be added to the training range available: the Cité des metiers project offers and strengthen higher secondary level training courses for industrial and construction trades. Meanwhile the Open University forms the perfect link between higher education, improvement courses and university studies.

In addition, the region is home to some of the best research centres in Europe: CENAERO (aeronautics), CETIC (information and communication technologies), IMMUNEHEALTH (life sciences) and BIOPARK (biotechnology skills centre).


A daring culture

This is a region of art and culture with numerous dynamic cultural institutions, including Europe’s biggest photography museum and the internationally renowned ‘Charleroi Danse’ centre of contemporary choreography, not to mention the Centre of Fine Arts, the BPS 22 art museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Glass Museum, the Ancre theatre, the Eden regional cultural centre, etc. The region is also the setting for folk marches acknowledged as masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO: the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse Marches.

A real green lung

In addition, the region has a wealth of carefully preserved tourist sites, including the Eau d’Heure Lakes, the hanging gardens of Thuin and the historic centre of Chimay.

Charleroi Metropolis has great potential if you wish to invest in our region. If you plan to become established here, the IGRETEC intermunicipal company is available to welcome you, support you and help you implement your projects.

Support for SMEs

Through its various services, IGRETEC offers solutions in a wide range of fields thanks to its various sectors of activity.