Motor control

For over 60 years, IGRETEC has been providing town/cities and communes in Wallonia with all its experience in various surveys and monitoring of any taxable element, in particular the verification of industrial taxes on motive force and vacant buildings.


Our mission is to monitor returns and activities relating to the tax on the motive force.

We conduct a detailed survey of the installations located in the territory of the commune, so as to determine the real installed capacity and determine exactly how many motors are used. On this basis, we determine the taxable base and any compensation granted by Wallonia under the Marshall Plan.

Our mission can be fulfilled in various ways:

  • Revision of the settlement of tax on the motive force, which involves checking this settlement and putting forward a proposal for improvement so as to avoid any ambiguous interpretation by declarants or their advisers;
  • ‘Risk-free’ monitoring, which involves updating the tax returns of all taxpayers so as to detect any errors. This mission is described as ‘risk-free’ as regards the commune since IGRETEC is only remunerated on any gain from the tax product;
  • Constant monitoring, which involves periodically checking the activities of taxpayers subject to variations in the use of motors (temporary building sites, seasonal activities, quarries, etc);
  • ‘Comprehensive’ monitoring, where the activities of taxpayers are monitored at a given moment on the basis of a tax return;
  • Mixed monitoring, which involves combining the various formulas listed above.

Motive force


Our mission is to check the truth of the tax returns on vacant buildings in order to collect all the taxes due to the towns/cities and the communes on the basis of the current legislation.

We visit buildings belonging to the various declarants, presumed to be vacant, to inspect them thoroughly so as to:

  • determine which buildings or parts of buildings are indeed vacant;
  • calculate the exact surface area of buildings or parts of buildings that are partially or entirely vacant.

After each of these inspection missions, we systematically send a report to the commune.


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