Architecture : creative and strict builders

The IGRETEC firm of architects offers its private clients integrated solutions in line with their needs. Designing a building is both an art and a science. While the structure must meet precise needs in terms of programme and budget and be a pleasant place to live, it also has to be sturdy and safe. This complex exercise calls for a high level of skill and requirements.

The staff have the training, the technical tools and the expertise needed to take up the challenge of creating structures that improve the quality of life, both at work and when relaxing.

The architects combine open minds and intellectual rigour. They stand out through their creativity, their imagination and their inventiveness. And they constantly seek to improve. Their projects demonstrate a harmonious blend of aesthetic daring, practical inspiration and energy and environmental concerns.


The economic constraints (low operating, management and maintenance costs) are examined in depth. Very specific attention is paid to comfort (functionality, user-friendliness, luminosity, ambient temperature), well-being and communication for users and visitors. This involves an in-depth study of materials, the choice of appropriate colours and maximum use of the possible interactions.

They put forward real-estate projects that bear the seal of sustainable development but also hold out the promise of dreams, backed up by both expertise and creativity.

Paulo Coelho said: “Dreams make work”. So put your dreams in our hands!


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