Stability: sound structures, harmoniously adapted

The IGRETEC Stability Department carries out audits and studies for its own architectural projects and in response to outside requests, involving: 

  • building and civil engineering stability;
  • metal, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, mixed steel and concrete and wooden structures;
  • small civil engineering structures (bridges, sluices, small tunnels, very specific collectors);
  • building and monument renovation.

This activity started at IGRETEC with projects that did not interest the private sector, either because of the danger or the risk involved (repairing churches or very old buildings, renovating town council buildings or schools occupied while the work was carried out), or owing to specific features (water towers, swimming pools, etc.).


A response integrating creative challenges and technical constraints

The challenge facing the Stability Department consists of harmoniously combining the creative wishes of the architect and the constraints specific to special techniques. Although buildings have to be aesthetically pleasing and equipped, they also have to comply with all the load-bearing standards, whether these are linked to the climate (wind, snow, seismic phenomena) or the purpose served.

From this point of view, combining these technical and creative skills within the integrated design office is a key asset. Either in direct contact with the client, or in coordination with the architects and special techniques department, the stability experts give advice on project feasibility. The choice of materials and techniques, the costs and lead times are precisely determined.

The engineers and technicians are able to rely on advanced calculation or basic design software and programmes that trace out frames, developing their own spreadsheets if necessary. Their thorough knowledge of Belgian and European standards is regularly updated by monitoring the Internet or through specific seminars and training courses.

Ultimately, the client benefits from a building that is perfectly integrated, aesthetically pleasing, fitted with the very latest smart equipment and housed in a structure that is capable of withstanding the most extreme stresses.


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