Our values

Through its history, IGRETEC constitutes an integrated structure in which more than 300 men and women (over half of whom are highly skilled engineers, architects and technicians) engage in around thirty activities at the service of administrations, companies and the general public.

However, all human organisations are characterised by sharing elements common to their members, such as the concepts of objectives, centres of interest or passions.

Within IGRETEC, our VALUES are the common foundations of our construction and our development. This basis has to be in line with the strategy of the organisation but also has to be communicated and shared with all the staff.

The impetus needed to fulfil our duties (for what?) as regards those who benefit from our activities (for whom?) can only come from within.

To meet all these challenges, we have to make ourselves indispensable, to be a reference: we have to be the leaders all the time.

To enable us to achieve our strategic objectives, it is vital to adopt a common language. This common language originates in our values, which we have to uphold every day:


Respecting the commitments made. Acting honestly in respect of clients, partners, work and service providers, suppliers, staff and colleagues.


Fully assuming the consequences of our actions in respect of clients, partners, work and service providers, suppliers, the company, staff, colleagues and the environment.


Being mutually supportive, whatever the activities, functions and hierarchical positions.